About Us

   Joe isn’t afraid of no numbers, he says as he blows past the service counter and goes about getting his own stuff. I used to like calling him Joey, just to bug him and to remind him that he’s talking in the third person, again. Anyway, Joe was always an interesting, entertaining, smart client & individual who always found the time to share funny anecdotes and outside of the box theories to certain things.

   Alright Joey, he knows that’s my Wheelhouse. I’ll bite, as I catch up to him. Why you no afraid of no numbers? He doesn’t talk like that, it’s just something extra special I use to bug him. We’re both very Proud of our own immigration pedigree, as well as all the other hardworking people and their pedigrees. Just yours, he says. I’m like this is killing me, what do you mean? I say, as we keep loading his cart up, we never stop working as he theorizes. You know how some people won’t take a room on a certain floor number and some people don’t ever want their last 3 digits to their phone number or pin code to be certain numbers. Yeah, which ones Joe? Aaahhhh, you know which ones, as he dismisses me with the wave of his hand. Alright, what’s so disturbing about our phone number, we have had it for over 30 years?

    Sum numbers are eating the other numbers, cause 416 789 0587, after a legitimate chuckle and without skipping a beat my response was but 1, 2,3,4,5, and 8 continue to survive. Perhaps 6, 7 and 9 should have been more aware of their surroundings. We both have real city backgrounds and unfortunately, somehow found this funny. Don’t get Joe started about his city, we both always have pride when it comes to our city, its world class and we both promote Toronto as such. Joe finished up with, I guess the 0 didn’t amount to much. (Chuckles).

   So, here we are 10 mins later @ the checkout with two full mixed carts of paper, chemicals & bags.

   Gotta Love Joe, by the exact time he found to theorize with me, was the exact amount of time that it took to pick his order.

   So, Joe I gotta go upstairs, Thanks for everything and do me a favor while Fernanda’s checking your carts out tell her all about that theory.

   Nahhh, I’m busy as it is and I took the time to explain it to you, only because it helped me load my cart in half the time and I know Fernanda can get me checked out in less time than it will take me to tell the story.

   So you tell her the theory, I’m ahead of schedule and by the way thanks for everything.

   Joe would say that’s how we professionals do it and finally, we agree wholeheartedly.

   Joey you’re always going to be Royalty in our books, a little    superstitious when it suits you. Thanks for being you and never average.

   I felt rather than telling you all about us, I would give you an everyday story about just one of our real customers and Trust me on this when I say that no one is ever just a customer here, least of all Joe.

   I think that with Fernanda’s leadership and a great staff we can continue to epitomize this statement:

   If you can’t genuinely be nice, then try being polite. It just might be the game changer you’re looking for!

It's honestly a rare day that we have to use this policy and we collectively want to thank our customers for being them.

   You can’t always please everyone, however you can ensure that everyone is served intelligently and professionally.

Supplying Central & Southern Ontario from the GTA for over 35 years, in particular serving from within the Junction and the Stockyards for a combined 25 years.

We have grown with you over the years and this is where we have always proudly made our Home.

Turns out, Joe has served us intelligently and professionally as a customer from the day he walked in. Até a próxima vez Joe.

Welcome to Price + Plus and thanks for reading about us.

Have a Wonderful Day or make it so. I know I am!